Comparison Table

Compare the security and privacy features of several messaging systems.

WebsiteEnd-to-end removalPlain text disabledEncrypted db storageSelf destructionAPI


No logs, no javascript, no tracking, no web analytics, no email, no clearnet

Encrypted by default
All messages are stored encrypted and PGP keys are also stored encrypted.
End-to-end removal
When you remove a message, it is remove for both parties in the conversation.
Tor only
Sonar is a Tor only service, which provides better privacy and security for all the users.
API support
Using the API you can use Sonar to send notifications or check your inbox without login to the website.
Self destruction
You can configure your account to self destruct all your messages after a specific number of days.
Template support
Create templates to quickly and easily send messages that infrequently change.
No backups
Messages are not stored in backups. When a message is removed, it is gone forever.
No tracking
We do not use javascript, web analytics, clearnet fonts or any other traceable element.
No third parties
Unlike email, Sonar messages never use clearnet services like gmail, protonmail and others.
Cracking protection
Argon2 is used for hashing. It makes much more difficult to crack account passwords.
PGP friendly
Sonar is compatible with PGP. Manually encrypt your messages for even higher privacy.
Mailvelope support
Mailvelope is an open source end-to-end encryption extension for Tor browser. Read more.

The private PGP key is stored encrypted so even if the server gets hacked the hacker gets no keys.
For higher security, you can manually encrypt the messages with PGP.

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